You’re paying for the liquid.  Not everything else.  



Remember when we used to choose craft gin because it tasted better?
The days before it was all a fashion show?


Craft gin was born out of a desire to enjoy gin that tasted better than commercially available, mass produced gin.

A higher quality liquid, made with love, honesty and a healthy dose of creativity.

Somewhere along the line we all lost sight of this…


The current craft gin market has trended towards something resembling a fashion show.
A industry evolved to thrive on looks, gimmicks and marketing budget.

Does it it sparkle? What color does it change to? How much gold foil is on the packaging?
Which influencer snapped a photo of it?

I too have unfortunately fallen victim to this, both as a consumer and a producer.

But now I’d like to try something different, and I hope you’d like to try it too.

UGLY GIN is an authentically hand-made craft gin stripped of all the non-essentials in an effort to provide you, the customer, with an amazing gin that you can enjoy without paying for the the packaging, marketing, elaborate in-store display and Instagram ads. Because whether we like it or not, the customer ends up paying for all of that.

With UGLY GIN we have tried to minimize every expense to you and to the planet with respect to everything BUT the liquid:


– Our labels are off-cuts from our printing supplier – FREE
– Every bottle is hand stamped with eco friendly ink by us – FREE
– Our box manufacturer has come on board and is producing boxes at cost price.

– Our glass manufacturer has come on board to provide glass and caps at near cost price.
– We have made a resolution to never pay for any marketing.
– Oh, and this “Website”, well that is VERY obviously free…


This all means you save money. A lot of it. 

And you only end up paying for what you are actually consuming. Not everything else…

Recommended Selling Price – R 199


We would love to hear any comments or questions you have : ) 

Have a fantastic day and enjoy a beautiful gin crafted in Cape Town, using great local flavours highlighted by our distinct Grapefruit and Goji Berry infusion.

Andre Pienaar



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